Carefully crafted coffee for the innovative mind

Blue Sky Coffee comes from a passion for creativity blended with a love of coffee. Built by creatives for creatives, we’ll be a space for you to drink coffee, connect with friends, brainstorm big ideas, and innovate incessantly.

Blue Sky Idea

“Ideas that are not limited by the current beliefs or norms of a group or society. Ideas that are creative or whimsical and maybe even bizarre. Such thinking might lead to just the solution you need.”

More than a beverage

To us, coffee is more than a beverage. It’s a companion — there to motivate us through long work sessions, fuel us through deep brainstorming, inspire us to jump higher, reach further, and aim bigger. All the same, coffee is there reminding us to relax, celebrate a job well done, and rejuvenate ourselves on our creative journeys.


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